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2015 Insight Development Grants

The 2015 Insight Development Grants (IDG) deadline is just a few weeks away and over 1,000 applications are in process. Given that there are no major changes to communicate this year, SSHRC will not organize webinars this year. However, for those interested, an updated version of last year’s presentation is available here.

In summary, the following enhancements and improvements have recently been added to the IDG application form as well as to the Canadian Common CV (CCV):

Insight Development Grant application: Emerging and established scholar module

The Scholar Type section of the Identification module now allows users to more easily determine whether their scholar type should be “emerging scholar’ or “established scholar.”

The questions to determine scholar status have been refined and Emerging scholars are limited to choosing one of the eligibility criteria, and the form will verify their eligibility status by asking for specific dates.

CCV: Importing publications to a CCV

The CCV can now import publication details from external bibliographic databases, such as PubMed, Citeulike, DBLP, Google Scholar, IEEE Xplore, Plos, Scopus, and Web of Science. For details, see the Release Notes and How-To sections of the CCV website.   

The SSHRC CCV instructions have also been improved and can now be found both on the SSHRC website at this link:, and directly on the CCV site when SSHRC is selected as the funding source.

Applicants and university Research Offices are advised to review the SSHRC website for recent updates to the IDG description.

Review process:

The scoring table has been revised to reflect a six-point scale and there will be no committees formed in the former priority areas, other than for aboriginal research (if sufficient applications are received). 

For administrators and Research Officers who are completing test or practice applications, we have created a “Test Organization”, which will help prevent these applications from congesting the portal. We ask administrators to select the organization called ZZZ-INTERNAL TESTING ENVIRONMENT.

Finally, please note that since February 1st falls on a Sunday, the application submission deadline will be February 2, 2015 at 8 pm Eastern Time.  We encourage applicants to complete their SSHRC CCV as soon as possible. Applicants should expect that creating a SSHRC CCV for the first time will require a significant time investment.

For technical questions please contact:    


Tel.: 613-995-4273



For Programs-related questions please contact:

Research Grants and Partnerships Division

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NSERC Peer Review Manual

2012-2013  Peer Review Manual

Responsible Conduct of Research
 On December 5, 2011,  the Agencies officially launched the new  This link will take you to another Web site Tri-Agency Framework:  Responsible Conduct of Research. This new Framework is an umbrella  document that describes Agency policies and requirements related to applying  for and managing Agency funds, performing research and disseminating results.  It also outlines the process that institutions and Agencies follow in the event  of an allegation of a breach of Agency policy.ways in which it can further assist social sciences and humanities researchers and students in dealing with this important transition, and availing themselves of the full range of federal funding opportunities.
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