Student Research @ Acadia

Excellence in research training for undergraduates and graduate students is one of the cornerstones of an Acadia education.  Acadia faculty members understand the value in training student researchers - after all, they are the researchers of tomorrow.  Dr. Luke Harris, a former Honours student at Acadia, sums it up by saying "By the time I finished my summer research work with my supervisor, his passion and commitment to student success had inspired me to pursue a research career.  I am so grateful to Acadia for providing me with such an amazing undergraduate research opportunity."

Students are valued members of Acadia's vibrant research community.  As a result of the close interaction with their supervisors, Acadia students obtain an educational and training experience that places them in demand as they advance to positions that require high quality research skills. Acadia students work on developing their written and oral communication skills and often travel to scholarly conferences to present their work. There are many other value-added opportunities for senior undergraduate and Masters students through involvement in research workshops and reading groups, collaborative research opportunities with industry, and publishing activities.

There are many exciting opportunities for students to participate in research at Acadia - students may be involved in conducting research in the lab, in fieldwork away from campus, along with Library-based work. 

Visiting Student Scholar Guidelines

Acadia University faculty members often serve on graduate student supervisory committees or as co-supervisors of graduate students attending other universities. Students from other institutions whose graduate supervisor is a research collaborator of an Acadia faculty member are often in close contact with Acadia University faculty. Occasionally, faculty members invite such students to visit Acadia to engage in research projects of mutual interest. Such students are designated 'Visiting Student Scholars'.

Faculty members who wish to arrange such visits should first get agreement from their Head/Director and Faculty Dean. Such agreement is intended to clarify use of space and/or other Department/Faculty resources. The faculty member should then request that the VP of Academic Studies issue a formal invitation to the potential 'visiting student scholar'. This letter will indicate the dates of the visit (normally six months or less) and the fact that fees are not required and that salary will not be paid. The letter will also note that visiting student scholars have library borrowing privileges and access to an Acadia network computer account which will include an internet connection.