INSECTA: Acadia launches new research centre

Acadia University is pleased to annouce the establishment of a new research centre: INSECTA = Insect NeuroScience and Ecology CenTre at ACADIA

Mission Statement

The goals of INSECTA are to engage in fundamental research in insect chemical ecology, develop new pest management technologies, and directly support Nova Scotia’s agricultural, forest and food industries. INSECTA supports these sectors by providing research, service and teaching resources focused on insect chemical ecology, and the development of novel integrated pest management techniques to address global challenges in meeting human needs for safe food and natural resources. Overall, this supports our vision to build the Nova Scotia economy with safe, sustainable, low-waste food production and emphasize research on food security in a changing agricultural landscape.

INSECTA Facility

This facility combines research, extension and teaching to augment Acadia’s footprint in the agricultural sector and foster collaboration to accommodate widely interdisciplinary research. INSECTA enhances Acadia’s current centres and programs to permit greater access to specialized training and research in agriculture and forestry. In collaboration with partners across Nova Scotia and Atlantic Canada, INSECTA participates in a network of stakeholders, establishing research to develop technology, skills training and services supporting these industries.

INSECTA is based in the Biology building at Acadia University, and represents combined space and infrastructure housed in the Hillier Lab (led by Dr. N. Kirk Hillier), as well as the Weston Animal Care Facility. The centre provides a centralized point for studies related to agriculture within the Annapolis Valley, and for coordinating partnerships with government, industrial and academic agencies within the agricultural spectrum of Nova Scotia and Atlantic Canada.

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