Dr. Bobby Ellis awarded CFI & NSRIT funds to design materials for clean energy & CO2 capture

Dr. Bobby Ellis has been awarded major funding from both the Canadian Foundation for Innovation (CFI) and the Nova Scotia Research and Innovation Trust (NSRIT) to support a design project that tackles two problems: the need for cleaner sources of energy that do not generate by-products that contribute to global climate change, and the need to decrease the high amounts of carbon dioxide already produced. 

Dr. Ellis, an Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemistry, is also a member of the Atlantic Centre for Green Chemistry, which has a primary goal of advancing basic and applied research in the area of green chemistry that will in turn contribute to the application of more environmentally friendly chemical products and processes. 

The project will contribute to the infrastructure of the Acadia Centre for Microstructural Analysis (ACMA) - a research facility that provides critical support for a large number of research programs in both the life and physical sciences.  The equipment that will be acquired as part of this project will provide a crucial characterisation tool necessary for the development of new compounds and materials in a wide range of research areas. 

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