“Barley, Hops & Mash” - Craft Brewers workshop

Organized by Springboard Atlantic, the Atlantic Wine Institute and Acadia University’s Research & Graduate Studies Division, a Craft Brewers workshop was hosted on campus on Friday, October 24th.

The workshop, titled “Barley, Hops & Mash” was attended by over 70 individuals representing the Craft beer industry in Atlantic Canada as well as academic researchers and related support organizations.

Keynote speakers were brought in from Ontario, New Hampshire and Maine and were well received from the audience. One of the big goals for the event was connecting those in the craft beer industry to academics and their research, and to create relationships for future partnerships. The day offered great opportunities to connect, both with one another and with researchers, especially during the social event that was hosted at the Wolfville Farmers’ Market following the workshop. 

From the feedback from participants, the day was very well received and would be something that we would look at in the future as becoming an annual workshop for this audience.

tl_files/sites/research/Leigh and Peter Egleston at BHM workshop.jpg

Leigh Huestis, Director of Acadia's Office of Industry and Community
Engagement with Peter Egleston from Smuttynose Beer in New Hampshire.

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