Acadia's John Colton leads recommendations for changes to energy development regulation in Canada

Dr. John Colton, Professor of Community Development at Acadia was the lead author of a White Paper recommending changes to the regulatory process with respect to energy development in Canada.  The project was coordinated by the School of Public Policy at the University of Calgary and funded by a $300,000 grant.  Dr. Colton, along with 5 other scholars in energy issues in Canada, presented their findings to the federal government, and their recommendations will help steer changes to how Canada develops and transports energy.

The group's research is part of the Canadian Network for Energy Policy Research and Analysis, an initiative designed to address pan-Canadian energy policy issues. The Canadian Network for Energy Policy Research and Analysis "is a virtual and physical research forum" based at the School of Public Policy at the University of Calgary. The Network brings together academics annually from across Canada, forming an expert panel that produces a white paper on a current energy policy issue. 

Summary:  "This white paper reports on the results of a year-long interdisciplinary collaboration aimed at identifying and summarizing extant research regarding social license and related concepts, with a particular emphasis on understanding its implications for public acceptance of energy projects in Canada, and their related regulatory processes."

The final report (click here to download the full paper) was released in May 2016. Some of the report is also being drafted for future journal publications .  

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