Third Annual and most exciting line-up yet!

It is Acadia Night at the Market on Wednesday, November 30th, 4-7pm! Please come and meet students, faculty and staff from one of the country’s top educational institutions while enjoying a Market Supper and getting your mid-week top up.   Several professors will be sharing information and answering questions about their research.   Students will share information about their projects and community initiatives.  Student groups from the Wong International Centre, will be offering activities for the kids including origami and international food trivia, the Society Of Acadia Music Students will be performing live and the Fencing Club will be offering a demonstration.

ACADIA NIGHT  Performers:

Music (4:30-7pm) provided by the Society of Acadia Music Students

  • Jaya Paquette-Jager & Kendall Jones
  • Rebecca Whiting
  • Hannah Smith
  • Yasmin Kawar (myself)
  • Katelyn Wheaton & Nicole Cochrane
  • Dana Lawless
  • Valmy Assam & Sarah Catherine
  • Jessica Jurgenliemk



ACADIA NIGHT Participants


Organization or Department


Acadia Fencing Club

The Acadia Fencing Club aims to promote active living within the community. We an equal opportunity club that allows everyone that is over the age of 10 in the community and all students to learn and improve the skills of the sport of fencing.

Acadia Helping Refugee Association

Our organization is associated with Acadia University and based on providing awareness and support about the current Syrian refugee crisis as well as the families residing in the Annapolis Valley. Our objectives are to raise money in hopes to help the families. We would like to have a donation box set up with 100% of the proceeds going to the families. We will have brochures to hand out with current information on the crisis, as well as our Facebook page to keep individuals updated on our events and, as well as the organization's objectives for the year.

Acadia Sustainability Office

The Acadia Sustainability Office was created to help advance sustainability initiatives at the university. Working with both university administration and academic departments, the office supports sustainability initiatives across campus and in the community. Activities of the Acadia Sustainability Office are focused in several areas including student education and engagement, campus operations, community outreach and provincial partnerships.

Acadia University Facilities Dept.

I'm the Director of Facilities at Acadia University and part of the Project Team for the recently announced $22 million dollar project to renewal our Science Complex.

This will be a transformational change to our campus and will provide state of the art teaching lab and research space for our students as well as a dedicated area for industry collaborative research projects.

The project will specifically target efficiency improvements to both facilities and will incorporate several features to dramatically improve overall sustainability.

Biology Department (Mark Mallory Lab )

Since 2011 at Acadia, Mark Mallory and his students have been researching on wetland resilience and seabird ecology. Our field work takes place around Nova Scotia as well as in the Canadian Arctic. During the Acadia Night, Erika Holland and Isabeau Pratte will represent the lab and discuss about plastic ingestion in waterfowls and foraging ecology of Labrador and Arctic seabirds . We will also discuss the importance of marine birds as strong bioindicators of the condition of marine environments. And share with you what we do when we are not in our office at Acadia...when we are in the field, the best part!

Deptartment of Biology (Russel Easy)

I am an assistant professor in the department of biology at Acadia University. I am a comparative biologist with broad research interests. My research experience is in exploring changes in target molecules of organisms in response to stress, molecular characterization of animal pathogens, effects of parasitic manipulation, and determinants of fish health. My passion for science and the marine environment are the driving forces that lead my future research directions toward a continued exploration into the health of marine animals utilizing new and developing technologies.

Humans of Acadia

Humans of Acadia is a online photo blog hoping to use social media to connect people and share diversity.

SAMS (Society of Acadia Music Students)

The Society of Acadia Music Students if proud to feature local musical talent and entertainment for your market experience!

School of Business (Edith Callaghan)

Acadia University Professors, Dr. Edith Callaghan, F.C. Manning School of Business, and Liesel Carlsson, School of Dietetics and Nutrition, are working with international partners to design a research and community engagement program that will directly address these problems emerging from our broken food system. Using a Delphi method of inquiry, and grounded in the Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development, Edith and Liesel are working with communities around the world to help them develop greater determinacy with respect to their food and food system.

School of Education (Lynn Aylward)

Resilient Rural Girls Research Program with Dr. M. Lynn Aylward, Dr. Deborah Day, Dr. Kelly Dye: Our comprehensive research plan engages a strengths based approach to examine the programs and services that enable rural girls’ participation in education, including public school and learning activities; health and its social, emotional, physical and recreational aspects; and work, including employment, volunteer experience, career awareness and skills training. Our work brings together community members and researchers in the fields of education, counselling and organizational studies.

Sociology (Lesley Frank)

Dr. Lesley Frank is an Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology at Acadia University and a critical sociologist that researches in the area of family poverty, food insecurity, health inequity, infant feeding, and social policy. She is the author of annual Nova Scotia Child and Family Poverty Report Card.

The KC Irving Centre

The KC Irving Environmental Science Centre at Acadia University: Linking Learning to Research, Community and the Environment.

The KC Irving Centre is more than just a pretty place. The laboratories, gardens, greenhouses, herbarium, and seedbank provide students and faculty at Acadia with the tools and opportunity to conduct world class research. While the focus of the Centre is on the ecology of the Acadian Forest Region and its associated wetlands, collaboration with local industries and agricultural partners is also encouraged to help solve local problems. Recent projects include; examining mercury in birds and bogs, determining the effects of sediments on invertebrates in the Minas Basin, exploring methods to conserve and propagate certain Nova Scotia endangered plants, and testing biological control agents against a fungus disease affecting onions grown in the Annapolis Valley.

Vaughan Memorial Library

Located at the centre of campus, the Vaughan Memorial Library provides many services and specialized collections, which support the teaching and research programs of the University. We welcome community members to use our great space, as well as, our wide variety of resources. You can borrow books, DVDs and CDs with your public library card or a free Novanet card! You may use our guest computers, or log on to our guest network while on campus to use all our electronic resources. The Library also hosts many wonderful events each year, such as author readings and health and wellness events, which the community is more than welcome to attend.

Wong International Centre

The Wong International Centre is home to about 500 international students at Acadia. We provide programming to ensure that international students have a successful experience during their time at Acadia.

World University Service of Canada (WUSC) Acadia Committee

WUSC – World University Service of Canada – is a leading Canadian non-profit organization in international development, committed to building a more equitable and sustainable world. We work with a unique and powerful network of post-secondary institutions, private-sector partners and volunteers to provide education, employment and empowerment opportunities that improve the lives of millions of disadvantaged youth around the world.



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